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Evening and Daytime Workshops
 All workshops are held at Bexstone House, Barnham Road, Eastergate, West Sussex, PO20 3RT. If you would like me to run a workshop in your area please contact me to discuss. Thank you. 

Sunday 9th October 2016 Remembering Past Lives/ Regression day 10.30am-4.30pm

Have you ever been somewhere and just knew what was around the corner, just known all about a place or event and not known how you could logically have done so? Just have felt as if you have known someone forever and only just met them, maybe they have only just been born! (in this life) the answer could be that you had been there before or known them in a previous life/incarnation?

Do you have a natural ability that can't be explained by DNA, eg are you a natural pianist, mathematician and no one else in your family is or do you just fancy seeing what you were? Then you'll enjoy this one day workshop a day of going back into the past experiences of your soul reviewing previous lives!

I believe that every experience we have within the spiritual field, whether that is with Regression/ Remembering Past Lives or any other experience should have a positive impact on your life here and now, with that in mind I am offering you the opportunity to come and enjoy the experiences of some of your previous past lives.

Cost £45.00 p.p. Please bring something to share for lunch. You may pay for your Workshop place via my Online Shop and book and pay at the same time, alternatively call me and we can discuss.

Thank you, Christine

 Saturday 29th October 2016: Mediumship Unfoldment, 10.00am - 4.00pm

Come and enjoy a day of developing and unfolding and discovering your mediumistic abilities, it will be a day of fun, laughter and support helping you discover your abilities. If you have attended one previously you will know that I offer great support and assistance. People have been amazed at what they have done at my workshops. If you haven't attend before come and surprise yourself with what you can do with my help. Today we will be working on and developing your connection and confidence with the Spirit World. Call if you would like more information or questions.


Cost £45.00 p.p. Please bring something to share for lunch. You may pay for your Workshop place via my Online Shop and book and pay at the same time, alternatively call me and we can discuss.

Thank you, Christine



Saturday 26th  November 2016 An Introductory Day to Mindfulness Meditation 10.00am-4pm

A practical day of Living in the moment. Various exercises will be undertaken including mindful eating, walking, sitting and talking.

Thich Nhat Hanh states "Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment of daily life."

Jon Kabbatt Zinn defines mindfulness as:  "mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally."


Christine has been meditating for in excess of 30 years, starting whilst only a child. She has completed both secular and Spiritual training within the contemporary field of Mindfulness. This training undertaken in 2015, included attending a one week residential Oxford University's Oxford Mindfulness Centre course, attending two one week Residential Retreats; one at the EIAB in Germany and one at Plum Village in France which are Thich Nhat Hanh "the Father of Western Mindfulness" centres.

Christine achieved a First for her Dissertation "A critique of the contemporary mindfulness practices in Western societies with particular reference to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh" in Part completion of the Theology and Religions BA Degree at The University of Chichester. Additionally, she was awarded the Theology department's annual prize for an "Outstanding Dissertation". You are most welcome to peruse a copy.


If you have previously been on one of Christine's Workshops then you will know that they are always filled with fun and laughter whilst simultaneously achieving the goals of the workshop. If you haven't yet experienced a Workshop with Christine then prepare for a warm welcome, a day of laughter and support helping you achieve a better practical understanding of mindfulness and the many benefits it has to offer.


Cost £45.00 p.p. Please bring something to share for lunch. You may pay for your Workshop place via my Online Shop and book and pay at the same time, alternatively call me and we can discuss.

Thank you, Christine

 Weekly Tuesday Morning Meditation Workshop

Tuesday 16th August 10am - 12 noon

 Tuesday 30th August 10am - 12 noon

Tuesday 6th  September  NO Class

Tuesday 13th September 10am - 12 noon

 Tuesday 20th September 10am - 12 noon

 Tuesday 27th  September 10am - 12 noon

 Tuesday 11th October 10am - 12 noon

Tuesday 18th  October 10am - 12 noon

 Tuesday 25th  October 10am - 12 noon

 Tuesday 1st  November 10am - 12 noon

 Tuesday 8th  November 10am - 12 noon


Cost just £12.50 pp including refreshments 


 Monthly Spiritual Psychic 'Evening' Workshops 2016

Friday 8th January

Friday 12th February 

Friday 11th March

Friday 8th April 

Friday 13th May 

Friday 10th June 

Friday 8th July

Friday 12th August

Friday 16th September

Friday  14th October

Friday 11th November

Friday 9th December
  8pm-10pm (including refreshment time)

These Friday evening monthly workshops will focus on helping you develop your Psychic and Spiritual abilities, a short guided meditation will also be included. There will be individual, 1-2-1 and groups exercises that are designed to help you find, discover, experience and practice including Tarot/Card readings, Ribbons, Water, Healing and Mediumship helping you identify and gain confidence in your gifted areas. 

  If you have attended any sessions with me before you will know that fun, laughter and constant encouragement are always the order of the day/evening,  If you haven't previously attended then come and enjoy the warm,friendly and encouraging atmosphere. You will be surprised with what you can achieve!!!

Cost £12.50 per evening, including refreshments, payable on the evening, please text/phone me on (07940-538762) to ensure that a space is allocated to you :)