www.actionaid.org.uk/100660Details of Christine's Charity work and fund raising.

Christine has dedicated a number of Evenings of Mediumship that she organises to raise funds for:


The money will be split between some of the Current Priority Projects being run by actionaid.

Evenings of Mediumship Grand total            £ 450.43

Which is going to be split betweeen

The project in Uganda: Safe water for School Children.

The project in India: A safe haven for street children.

Sponsoring another Child, further details to follow.


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Child sponsorship in action


Amongin Grace - Uganda

Amongin Grace was sponsored from the age of ten, meaning she could complete her primary education at Adodoi primary school in Uganda and go on to secondary school.

Thanks to her sponsorship and to the government's universal secondary education scheme, Grace, now 19, says she benefited from an improved learning environment that had better desks and sanitary facilities, and which prioritised girls' education and the prevention of violence against girls.

"I'm now working very hard to ensure I become a nurse, to serve my people in the newly constructed health centre in my village."

Akello Margaret - Uganda

Akello Margaret attended the same school as Grace, and was sponsored between the ages of 13 and 18. She clearly recalls when her school was improved by a new three-classroom block.

Other ActionAid schemes in her village provided her father with a young pig for breeding - the proceeds of this bought the family a bull. This increased the family's land and a loan given by the village's revolving loan scheme helped them buy goats.

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 Other Charity fund raising closer to home...

Christine  offers her services in order to help raise money locally for registered charities.  If you would like her help in raising funds for your registered charity please call or email her.

Thank you